Plum Tree Direct Selling Solution


    Consultancy Services from strategy to implementation across Europe, including:
  • General consulting
  • Market research
  • Commission plans
  • Company set-up and birthing
  • Business compliance
  • Bringing to Europe

Core System

In our core system we deliver to you everything that you need for your enterprise:

  • Genealogy to manage your network of distributors and the sponsoring relationships within the network. We can set up a pre-launch recruitment and genealogy app to build before you launch.
  • Commissions Engine. We can handle any commission plan that you can think of. With all of our experience we know what and how things work and we can advise you if would like.
  • Order processing. Our basic sales order processing contains an inventory of the products/services that you sell, records the order and once payment ids confirmed passes it to the Genealogy and Commissions Engine.
  • Customer Services. Provides your staff with all of the information to provide the level of service to your network and your customers that you need.
  • Management Information. All of the data id held in a relational database and is available to create reports for management. We include a suite of reports that we think will help you make the right decisions for your business and can create any other report that you would like.

Optional Modules

  • We have an e-commerce solution that can be tailored to your business needs. If you have another e-commerce package that you want to use then we can write an API integration to that too.
  • Distributor/Customer Web App. Our mobile Web App is the best there is for Direct Selling.
    • Online real time sponsoring
    • Online real time volume and commissions status
    • Showing volume and legs needed to get to the next level in your plan
    • Graphical genealogy with breakouts
  • Events Calendar and invitation management system
  • Messaging, any kind of messaging that you want to use to broadcast to your network with filters to select the networkers that you want to receive them

API Integration

We recognise that in today’s IT world businesses are using bought in packages for Accounting and outsourcing their needs for warehousing and fulfilment. What is the point of re-inventing the wheel when there are perfectly working wheels already available. This is why we decided not to write these modules ourselves but to be open and integrate with any package that you choose for these functions. We can even advise you on which one would fit your business best.