Commission Plan Analytics and Modelling

Have you ever asked these questions about your Direct Selling business?

  • Is my Compensation Plan Working?
  • Are we rewarding the behaviours that we want?
  • Are we creating success for our Direct Sellers?
  • What does our business look like?

The answers to all of these questions, and more, is in your data. Plum Tree provides deep dive data analysis and modelling software specifically designed for Direct Selling businesses.

Could you increase the success of your Direct Sellers?

  • What if you changed the percentage points to a bonus?
  • What if you changed the volumes required for qualification?
  • What if you changed any of the metrics in your commission plan?

If you could answer these questions from your data, what would that do for your business?

Our software can provide you with the answers. Plum Tree has developed software for direct Selling using the latest graph database technologies, which means that all of the constraints of legacy databases are no longer an obstacle. Don’t worry we are not going to get “techie” about graph theory and computer science, but here is a picture that illustrates the difference. In the graph everything is connected to everything.

Plum Tree now offers this as a service with no obligation to buy a system. The service includes

  • Data migration/import - if you can output your genealogy and sales data then we can build the graph database
  • Commissions engine - our software can quickly and efficiently set up and run any Commission Plan
  • Analytics and KPIs - using cypher queries we can answer real life questions about what is happening in your business
  • No limit to the number of iterations you can run for modelling (it’s all parameter driven, no need to change any code)
  • Your data is stored securely in your own instance of the cloud (AWS, Google, etc)